who we are

we are retail construction specialists with soul. we are brothers, sisters, neighbors, friends, partners and lovers. We like you, are consumers and brand followers. we are passionate, creative, hard-working and modest. we are, experienced, intelligent and determined. we are always accessible to our clients, partners, employees and suppliers.
prisma construction is a people business dedicated to deliver outstanding work. we pride ourselves in proposing retail solutions with the upmost craftsmanship which contributes to a client’s success. prisma construction is a leading retail construction specialist. we do development, rollouts management, project management plus, coordination and follow up. we give it our best, every day. that’s prisma construction.

our offices


what we do

retail construction

our core business practice is retail construction for clients across the country…

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value engineering & proof of concept

we develop concepts then work on the esthetics and functionality in relationship with clients…
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rollout management

the application of a client’s vision and concept onto any designated space…
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project management

we ensure that each store carries the client’s brand, vision, and needs…
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facility management

we establish quality top-down on all of our projects with our coordination managers…
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